Because greener is simply another green.

After living in a so-called "developing" nation in the mid to late 90's, I returned to New York City and, for the first time, realized that the choices in life were much broader than I had ever anticipated.

I was struck by the unwritten rules that governed so much of life in my home town of New York. I had experienced a different way of life, and was befuddled by the fact that so many people fell into a New York way of life by default, when so many other options existed. I respected it as a choice, but also saw that the assumptions of what "one must do" were mostly invented, and rarely questioned.

I realized that improvements can come from unlikely places (and mean many different things), and that "the grass is greener..." really means that the grass is another shade of green.

My Stepfather once told me about golfing in the Desert. The "greens" were actually carefully raked and oiled piles of sand. Before putting, golfers used a special tool to oil the sand, which kept it dense and flat, like a putting green.

This other green wasn't even green.