othergreens is christopher robbins

the gap

I've been fortunate enough to live and work in a few different countries in my life, and I've realized that I learn the most about a culture when I make a mistake big enough to show me the gap between my assumptions and theirs. So, that's become my focus: the gap - not how to bridge it, but how to focus on it, amplify it, and learn from it.

We're almost entriely made of gaps. I mean, we're more gap than matter. Did you know that when you touch something, what you're really touching is just the periphery of that spinning electron? It's all empty inside.

So I've worked with the gap physically, bringing attention to something by removing it, or moving it. And conceptually, people fill gaps for you. So when you focus on crafting the receptacle, you can force the fill. In other words, by forcing wedges into the gaps in the things-we-take-for-granted, I hope to amplify these gaps until they become spaces, spaces in which something new can take place.