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the ghana think tank

The Ghana Think Tank is solving America's problems, one by one. After collecting local problems from U.S. communities through 'man on the street interviews' and anonymous drop boxes installed throughout town, these problems are sent to an expanding network of think tanks we formed in Ghana, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico and Serbia. After receiving their solutions, we put them into action, whether they strike us as silly, embarrassing, or brilliant.

The project is an attempt to transpose parts of one culture into another, to take a solution generated in one context and apply it elsewhere. We've found that the friction caused by these misapplications enables people to become aware of the assumptions that control perception of need and social structure. As such, the focus of the Ghana Think Tank is not the resolution of these problems per se, but on the gaps of translation that occur within the process.

Pictured: An installation of the Ghana Think Tank at the Westport Arts Center, including a dozen media-viewing stations, photographs, emails, video, and mailbox. 25'l x 10'w x 8'h,