othergreens: research

From paper prototyping with commuters outside Liverpool Station in London, to testing physical computing interfaces using wood and rubberbands, I have explored how people interact with and modify their daily tools and products for over a decade, in the United States, Europe, West Africa, Japan and the South Pacific.

I've led participatory community assessment in West Africa, used a combination of ethnographic and action research to develop digital learning tools in the South Pacific, studied experimental psychology in Charlottesville, employed focus groups and usability testing to create financial management tools for the U.K., France and Germany, and published in academic journals and conferences internationally, including MIT press' Leonardo.

I've applied these at the Union Bank of Switzerland, REUTERS, the Children's Discovery Centre, the Museum for African Art, the University of the South Pacific, the Peace Corps, and the United States Embassy, living and working in such places as New York, London, Tokyo, the Fiji Islands, West Africa, and Serbia.

I am flexible and dedicated: everything I do focuses on pulling new opportunities and experiences out of people. I love this.